Ecommerce, Mobile & UX Project Manager

Simon Wyckaert, digital Swiss army knife doing remote and hybrid work.

Dear future client. I mainly work from home🏡 throughout Europe, full or part time. I can work on-site on-demand or, if required, 1 day /week.

Examples of mandates: projet manager, program manager, project director, CTO, CIO, product owner, product manager, business analyst, change manager, digital transformation manager, customer experience manager, trainer, customer success manager...

Remote Project Manager

How do I work?

👉 Initialization: I will start the mandate on your site, for up to 1 month. This way, I will get to know your teams and the background of the project.
👉 Execution: Full remote or 4+1 (4 days of remote work and 1 day on-site). To bond with the rest of the team and address critical points.
👉 Communication: Typically, Slack or MS Teams are used to exchange with the project team and stakeholders. But the phone and WhatsApp can be used to.
👉 Methodology: Agile Scrum (meaning daily standup, sprints, retrospective…) is preferred but I can adapt. Most big companies will use a mix of Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
👉 Some tools I like to use: Jira, Confluence, Sharepoint, Google Workplace, Zoom… but really any tool that you use already; we don’t mean to reinvent the wheel.

What’s in it for you?

👉 You get a senior PM for a smaller price.
👉 Full or part time? It's up to you, depending on your need and budget.
👉 It's « RemSical »: part remote, part on-site (physical). Lower rate for days of remote work.
👉 You will get clear dashboards, deliverables and deadlines to optimally monitor your project.
👉 We accept payments in EUR, CHF, USD and GBP.

Why should you choose me?

👉 I have 16+ years of remote work experience, with clients such as Bayer, Nestlé and L’Occitane… plus the COVID pandemic 💉
👉 I've managed off and near-shore teams in India and Eastern Europe.
👉 I'm bilingual French & English… with a spice of Spanish.
👉 I master the best collaborative tools for remote teams (Trello, Slack, Zoom…).
👉 I can set up a whole team quickly from my database and network (3500+ LinkedIn contacts).
👉 I'm the result of 20+ years of experience in digital (ecommerce, mobile, UX, marketing) and IT.

Scope of intervention

👉 100% remote work: Anywhere in the world.
👉 Partial remote work: Europe (as long as I have direct flight or train).

Freelance Platforms

Below are some of the freelance platforms on which you can find me:



Below are some of the clients I worked with:

tag heuer
audemars piguet
l'occitane en provence
finch ppc
page group - michael page


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